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***I am unable to verify the dates listed below are fully accurate. The information was received by other traders and was simply copied from their listing.

311-07.28.96 65m. New York City,NY-Coney Island High 927

311-10.28.97 70m. Phoenix,AZ-Desert Sky Pavillion 928

311-08.16.99 120m. TV Appearences And Interviews 927/928

311-Enlarged To Show Detail 60m. Concert And Interviews {home video} 377

311-Enlarged To Show Detail 2 120m. Concert And Interviews {home video} 377

A PERFECT CIRCLE-2004 180m. Amotion- Includes Videos, Commentary, Road Footage, Previews, And Bonus Material (Official Release) 2222

ADELE-06.08.07 5m. London, England-Jools Holland-1428

ADELE-12.07.07 5m. Manchester, England-Jonathan Ross Show-1428

ADELE-04.04.08 20m. London, England-Jools Holland-1428

ADELE-05.09.10 25m. London, England-Jools Holland-1428

ADELE-11.16.10 15m. London, England-Jools Holland-1428

ADELE-04.29.11 35m. London, England-Graham Norton-1428

ADELE-09.09.11 15m. Manchester, England-Jonathan Ross-1428

ALANIS MORRISETTE-90m. "Jagged Little Pill Live" 1998{proshot}{home video} 333

ALICE IN CHAINS-12.22.90 Seattle, WA 40m. Facelift {proshot}{home video} 337

ALICE IN CHAINS-07.17.96 75m. Brooklyn,NY-Unplugged {home video} 337

ALICE IN CHAINS-Music Bank 95m. Videos And Documentary 2000 {home video} 372

ALICE IN CHAINS-Nona Tapes 1998 Interviews And Videos 25m. {home video} 372

ALICE IN CHAINS-02.25.09 95m. Sydney, Australia-1501, 1502

ALL SAINTS-1998 60m. "The Official Video" {home video} 333

AMY WINEHOUSE-09.18.04 50m. London, England-New Pop Festival (pro shot) 536

AMY WINEHOUSE – 12.15.06 60m. BBC – 1668, B

AMY WINEHOUSE – 2011 50m. Unauthorized Tribute - 1616

AMY WINEHOUSE-06.22.07 60m. London, England-Glastonbury Festival –Day Show 416

AMY WINEHOUSE-06.22.07 60m. London, England-Glastonbury Festival –Night Show 416

AMY WINEHOUSE-06.29.07 80m. Belfort, France (pro shot) 534

AMY WINEHOUSE-07.20.07 60m. London, England-Somerset House (pro shot) 534

AMY WINEHOUSE-09.19.07 10m. London, England-Mobo Awards-534

AMY WINEHOUSE-2007 80m. London, England "I Told You I Was Trouble" 1306

AMY WINEHOUSE-2007 80m. London, England-BBC Concert (pro shot) 415

AMY WINEHOUSE-06.28.08 65m. Glastonbury, England-Glastonbury Festival-1282

AMY WINEHOUSE-06.29.08 10m. Paris, France-Outdoor Festival (pro shot) 534

AMY WINEHOUSE-06.29.08 15m. Paris, France-Interview-1282

AMY WINEHOUSE-07.13.08 35m. Scotland (pro shot)-535

AMY WINEHOUSE-2008 5m. National Mercury Prize-534

ANASTACIA-06.02.01 55m. Nurburgring, Germany-Rock Am Ring 798

AND THEY WALKED AWAY-2001 90m. Volume #1-The Surivial Of The Most Brutal Accidnets You've Ever Seen 196

AND THEY WALKED AWAY-2001 90m. Volume #2-The Second Installment Of This Brutal Series 196

AND THEY WALKED AWAY-2001 90m. Volume #3-This Video Makes You Happy To Even Be Alive 196

ANDREW DICE CLAY-One night With Dice 60m. {home video} 583

ANI DIFRANCO-Render.... Spanning Time Live Music From 1997-2001 120m. {home video} 275

ANTHRAX-Return Of The Killer As Live And Video Compilation 80m. 1999 {home video} 393

AUDIOSLAVE-11.25.02 25m. New York City, NY-Ed Sullivan Theatre-Extended Live Performance Version - A

AUDIOSLAVE-07.27.03 65m. Philadelphia, PA (pro shot) 857

BACKSTAGE SLUTS-Volume 1 90m. XXX {Raylene, Julie Rage, Britney Andrews} 1197

BACKSTAGE SLUTS-Volume 2 120m. XXX {BarretMoore,Tangerine,Cassie,DollyGolden,Kelly Dean, Kristen} 1197

BAD RELIGION-Along The Way 75m. 1989 {home video} 421 BEASTIE BOYS-40m. Skills To Pay The Bills {home video} 364

BEYONCE-11.11.03 150m. London, England-Wembley Stadium  1296

BIG PUNISHER-Still Not A Player 120m. Documentary Told By Fellow Rappers 2002 {home video} 364

BIZARRE RITUALS-"Dances Sacred And Profane" 85m. 1987 {home video} 583

BJORK-06.16.96 25m. San Francisco,CA-Tibetan Freedom Concert 1110

BJORK – 12.02.98 60m. Cambridge, England – Corn Exchange – 1519

BJORK -12.07.01 80m. London, England – Royal Opera House – 1542

BJORK – 06.22.07 60m. Pilton, England – 1542

BJORK-01.28.97 20m. New York City,NY-MTV's 120m. 1110, 1161

BJORK-11.13.97 85m. London, England-Shepherds Bush {w/ artwork} 484

BJORK-1997 50m. German Television Special {w/ artwork} 484

BJORK-05.11.98 90m. New York City,NY 1110

BJORK-10.17.01 30m. Philadelphia,PA-The Church {proshot} 1106

BJORK-2002 80m. Live MTV Compilation - 1129

BJORK-60m. Vessel London,England {proshot}{home video} 427

BJORK-65m. Volumen 14 Promo Videos 1998 {home video} 427

BJORK-80m. Live At Shepards Bush Empire 97 {proshot}{home video} 427

BJORK-120m. Compilation-Unplugged,GermanTV,And Acoustic Sets 463

BLACK CROWES-06.20.91 50m. London, England-Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club  293

BLACK CROWES-03.16.92 10m. New York City, NY-Saturday Night Live  293

BLACK CROWES-11.17.92 105m. Koln, Germany (pro shot) 293

BLACK CROWES – 03.16.95 125m. Toronto, Canada – Maple Gardens - 1587

BLACK CROWES – 10.30.96 110m. New York City, NY – Beacon Theater – 1585

BLACK CROWES – 03.26.05 120m. New York City, NY – Hammerstein Ballroom - 1643

BLACK CROWES-03.21.95 100m. New York City, NY-Beacon Theater-1395

BLACK CROWES-01.27.96 70m. Rio De Janeiro,Brazil-Pink Pop Festival {proshot}339

BLACK CROWES-10.18.99 60m. Los Angeles,CA-The Greek Theatre-493

BLACK CROWES-12.31.05 150m. New York City, NY-Madison Square Garden (2DVD) - 1391

BLACK CROWES-03.18.06 160m. London, England-Shepherd’s Bush Empire (2 DVDs) 565

BLACK CROWES-11.07.06 170m. Baltimore, MD-Ramshead 2 DVDS - 567

BLACK CROWES-05.15.09 105m. Vitoria, Spain-Azkena Rock Festival-1389

BLACK CROWES-Who Killed The Bird On Your Window Sill 80m. Concerts And Videos {home video} 422

BLACK EYED PEAS-11.12.11 80m. Paulinia, Brazil-SWU Festival-1447

BLUR-01.28.97 85m. Westeliffe Parade, Southend-Cliffs Pavillion (w/ Artwork) 348

BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA-09.18.98 120m. Las Vegas,NV-Hardrock Hotel 490

BRITNEY SPEARS-03.22.00 75m. Chicago, IL 938

BRITNEY SPEARS-01.18.01 75m. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (pro shot)(w/ artwork) 483

BRITNEY SPEARS-05.13.01 45m. New York City,NY-Hosting And Performing On Saturday Night Live 1106, 1220

BRITNEY SPEARS-11.18.01 70m. Las Vegas, NV {pro shot} 407, 936

Britney Spears – 05.24.02 90m. Las Vegas, NV – Mandalay Bay - 1010

BRITNEY SPEARS-1999 55m. Star Baby Scrapbook Unauthorized Video Biography {home video} 407

BRITNEY SPEARS-03.15.04 95m. Denver, CO-Pepsi Center 939

BRITNEY SPEARS-03.28.04 130m. Miami, FL-American Airlines Arena 937

BRITNEY SPEARS-03.31.04 95m. Philadelphia, PA-Wachovia Center 942

BRITNEY SPEARS-04.08.04 90m. Providence, RI 941

BRITNEY SPEARS-05.04.04 95m. Lisbon, Portugal-Rock In Rio 1229

BRITNEY SPEARS-100m. 2004 ABC Live Special, MTV Live, Music Videos, And Interviews 1297

BRITNEY SPARS-2005 "In The Zone" 60m. 1304

BRITNEY SPEARS- 03.16.09 100m. Boston, MA-TD Bank Center-1326

BRITNEY SPEARS-06.25.11 95m. Las Vegas, NV-MGM Grand-1512

BRYAN REGAN-03.25.03 30m. New York City,NY-Comedy Central Presents 1051

BUMFIGHTS-2004 75m. Bumfights # 2-Four Arrests and Seven Felony Charges Later…  1304

BUSH-03.11.02 100m. Scranton,PA 1217, C

BUSH-Alleys And Motorways 90m. Concerts And Videos {home video} 275

CANDIRIA-08.10.01 15m. South Amboy,NY 760

CANDLEBOX-03.02.94 40m. Jacksonville, FL-Jacksonville Coliseum-1376

CANDLEBOX-07.31.94 50m. San Diego, CA-Brown Field Airport-1381

CANDLEBOX-10.07.94 85m. Hollywood, CA-Hollywood Palladium-1382

CANDLEBOX-07.21.98 15m. Mesa, AZ-Tower Records-1374

CANDLEBOX-07.21.98 90m. Mesa, AZ-Club Rio-1374

CANDLEBOX – 09.29.06 85m. Seattle, WA – 1668, B

CANDLEBOX-05.27.06 60m. St. Louis, MO-Rib America Festival-1378

CANDLEBOX-08.13.11 40m. Twin Lakes, WI-Shadow Hill Ranch-1373

CANDLEBOX-08.16.11 100m. Joliet, IL-Mojoe's (2 DVD)-1337

CANDLEBOX-02.04.12 80m. Indianapolis, IN-Broad Ripple Summer Fest-1379

CASH MONEY MILLIONAIRES-04.14.00 90m. Sacramento,CA-Arco Arena{home video} 364

CAUGHT ON CAMERA-60m. 2000 Outrageous Moments All Caught On Camera 1085

CELEBRETIES CAUGHT ON CAMERA-Volume One: Pamela Anderson, Madonna, Heather Locklier 60m.{home video} 412

CHRIS CORNELL-11.13.11 55m. Paulinia, Brazil-SWU Festival-1448 CHRISTINA AGUILERA-Genie Gets Her Wish 70m. {home video} 428

CHRISTINA AGUILERA-1999 Out Of The Bottle 60m. Unauthorized Biography {home video} 428

COAL CHAMBER-11.15.96 30m. Hollywood, CA-The whisky {proshot} 312

COAL CHAMBER-02.15.98 50m. Minneapolis,MN 760

COAL CHAMBER-09.10.99 55m. Detroit,MI, 760

COLDPLAY-12.11.01 10m. Los Angeles,CA-HBO Reverb 1175

COLDPLAY-08.19.02 50m. Chicago, IL-MTV 2 Dollar Bill Concert Special (pro shot) (w/ Artwork) 290

COLDPLAY-09.18.02 45m. Toronto, Canada-Much Music Intimate And Interactive (w/ Artwork) 290

COREY TAYLOR-11.26.11 65m. Chicago, IL-Double Door-Spoken Word-1420

COREY TAYLOR-11.26.11 90m. Chicago, IL-Double Door-Performance-1421

CREEPER LAGOON-12.11.01 15m. Los Angeles,CA-HBO Reverb 1175

CYPRESS HILL-Still Smoking The Ultimate Video Collection 145m. 2004  1311

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-04.05.92 75m. Charlottesville,VA{1st Major Show}429, 619

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-10.18.96 75m. Lorely,Germany {proshot}436, 1174

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-06.12.98 60m. Atlanta,GA{proshot}432, 619

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-06.21.98 75m. Lorely,Germany {proshot}433, 1174

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-03.14.99 175m. San Rafael, CA-Marin Civic Center (Dave Solo, 2 DVD) 959, 960

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-07.25.99 70m. Rome,NY-Woodstock 99 431, 166

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-09.11.99 140m. Ruhterford,NJ "Listner Supported" {home video} 368, 1297

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-09.12.99 45m. Bristow,VA-Nissan Pavilion-Farm Aid 435, 619

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-07.11.01 150m. Boulder,CO-Folsem Field {DVD Master} 1296

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-04.21.02 170m. Montreal, Canada-Molson Center-1437

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-09.29.02 50m. Seattle, WA-Steinbruek Park (Dave Solo) (Dave Solo) 850

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-10.29.02 50m. New York City, NY-Storytellers 1058

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-03.29.03 200m. Boone, NC-Convocation Center (Dave Solo, 2 DVD) 1055,1056

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-05.05.03 190m. Amherst, MA-Mullins Center (Dave Solo, 3 DVD) 961, 962, 963

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-09.24.03 170m. New York City, NY-Central Park (pro shot) 1306

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-01.14.04 50m. San Diego, CA-Cox Arena 1068

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-09.14.05 60m. Brooklyn, NY-Brooklyn School Of Music (Dave Solo) 935

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-"On With The Show" 120m. Atlanta GA 98,Ultrasound,And Letterman {proshot} 1214

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-"The Videos" 1994-2001 120m. {home video} 368

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-Under The Table And Drumming 120m. 1995 {home video}430, 619

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-2007 160m. "Live @ Piedmont Park" 1304

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-04.22.07 180m. New York City, NY 1311

DAYS OF THE NEW-02.28.98 75m. Seattle, WA {Proshot} {home video} 275

DIDO-08.19.04 115m. London, England-Brixton Academy 797, 1312

DISTURBED-00.00.02 90m. M.O.L.-Concert And Backstage Footage {home video} 393

DRAIN S.T.H.-02.12.97 30m. 3 Tempe,AZ 1168, K

DREDG-06.11.05 80m. Orangevale, CA-Board Walk 1072, 1275

THE EAGLES-06.16.74 30m. Los Angeles,CA 1085

EMINEM-07.25.02 70m. Camden, NJ-Tweeter Center (pro shot) 785 ERIC CLAPTON-03.30.92 75m Rockefeller Plaza, NY-Unplugged{proshot,home video} 352

EVANESCENCE – 10.17.03 50m. Cologne, Germany – E Werk - 1710

EVANESCENCE – 04.12.07 30m. Los Angeles, CA – Nissan Live Sets – 1706

EVANESCENCE-06.19.03 55m. London, England-The Astoria (damaged) 54

EVANESCENCE-07.19.03 20m. Sydney, Asutralia-Morning Glory TV Show  70

EVANESCENCE-07.21.03 20m. Sydney, Australia-Most Wanted TV Show  70

EVANESCENCE-07.22.03 5m. Melbourne, Australia-Rove TV Show Live  70

EVANESCENCE-07.24.03 55m. Nagoya, Japan  70

EVANESCENCE-07.25.03 5m. Los Angeles, CA-The Today Show  70

EVANESCENCE-07.27.03 10m. Mt. Fuji, Japan-Mt. Fuji Festival (pro shot) 498

EVANESCENCE-07.28.03 5m. Shiyuba, AX (pro shot) 498

EVANESCENCE-08.07.03 5m. Los Angeles, CA-Jay Leno Show  70

EVANESCENCE-10.17.03 15m. Palladium, Germany (pro shot) 498 EVANESCENCE-01.24.04 5m. Zepp, Tokyo (pro shot) 498

EVANESCENCE-01.25.04 10m. Zepp, Tokyo (pro shot) 498

EVANESCENCE-01.26.04 25m. Zepp, Japan Interview  498

FAITH NO MORE-04.28.90 60m. London England-Brixton Academy {home video} 423, 1223

FAITH NO MORE-The Videos 120m. {home video} 423

FAITH NO MORE-Video Croissant 45m. live and videos {home video} 423

FAMILY VALUES TOUR-90m. Korn,LimpBizkit,Orgy, Rammstein 1998 {home video} 411

FAR-06.16.98 20m. 1 Tempe, AZ 791

FILTER-"Phenomenology" 95m. Videos And Concerts {home video} 421

FLYLEAF-05.15.08 35m. New York City, NY-Nokia Theater-1414

FOREIGNER-"Feels Like The Very First Time" Live Performances 60m. 1991 {home video} 583

FRANK SINATRA-90m. "Concert For The Americans" Featuring Buddy Rich {home video} 422

THE FUGEES-The Score 1996 "Bootleg Version" Video And Remixes 70m. {home video} 417

GARBAGE-30m. Music Promo Videos From First Record{home video} 405

GLASTONBURY-The Glatonbury 2004 Festival 360m. Oasis, Paul McCartney, Franz Ferdinand (PAL Format) 1143

GNARLS BARKLEY-09.15.06 55m. Austin, TX-Ziller Park-ACL Festival-1390

GODSMACK-03.02.01 90m. Worcester,MA-Worcester Centrum {Full Show,home video} 393

GUANO APES-10.04.97 65m. Dusseldorf,Germany 1168, K

GUANO APES-07.26.98 15m. Rothenburg,Germany 1168, K

GUANO APES-08.22.98 30m. Koln,Germany{proshot} 1168, K

GUANO APES-04.23.00 70m. Dusseldorf,Germany {proshot} 1168, K

GUNS N ROSES-03.28.86 90m. Hollywood,CA-The Roxy  41

GUNS N ROSES-10.30.87 55m. New York City, NY-CBGB’S 246

GUNS N ROSES-12.30.87 45m. Hollywood,CA-Troubador  41

GUNS N ROSES-02.02.88 60m. New York City,NY-The Ritz {proshot} 503

GUNS N ROSES-05.03.88 80m. Toledo,OH  47

GUNS N ROSES-05.14.88 45m. Halifax,Canada 1127, J

GUNS N ROSES-08.07.88 75m. Middleton,NY 475

GUNS N ROSES-10.20.89 25m. Rockumentary On MTV 1183

GUNS N ROSES-04.28.90 50m. Hollywood,CA-The Palladium  41

GUNS N ROSES-07.31.91 130m. St. Louis, MO-Axl Jumps Into The Crowd / With Riot Footage (pro shot) (w/ artwork)1281

GUNS N ROSES-02.22.92 90m. Use Your Illusion 1-Tokyo,Japan {proshot}{home video} 341

GUNS N ROSES-02.22.92 90m. Use Your Illusion 2- Tokyo,Japan {proshot}{home video} 341

GUNS N ROSES-04.09.92 180m. Chicago,IL 1194

GUNS N ROSES-05.28.92 55m. Stuttgart, Germany-Canstatter Wasen-1333

GUNS N ROSES-05.28.92 5m. Stuttgart, Germany-German TV Report-1333

GUNS N ROSES-05.29.92 10m. Stuttgart, Germany-Slash Interview-1333

GUNS N ROSES-06.02.92 10m. St. Petersburg, FL-Sun Coast Arena 1183

GUNS N ROSES-06.06.92 135m. Paris,France 1194

GUNS N' ROSES-07.18.92 80m. East Rutherford, NJ-Giants Stadium (Part II)-1411

GUNS N' ROSES-09.09.92 15m. Los Angeles, CA-Pauley Pavilion-1411

GUNS N ROSES-07.17.93 100m. Buenos Aires,Argentina 47

GUNS N ROSES-01.14.01 135m. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil {proshot}414

GUNS N ROSES-08.29.02 15m. New York City,NY-Music Awards-1411

GUNS N ROSES-11.18.02 120m. Chicago, IL-All State Arena 77

GUNS N ROSES-11.25.02 120m. Columbus, OH-Nationwide Arena 1194

GUNS N ROSES-11.27.02 120m. Albany, NY 22

GUNS N ROSES-12.02.02 120m. Boston, MA 851

GUNS N ROSES-12.05.02 120m. New York City, NY 852

GUNS N ROSES-05.27.06 100m. Lisbon, Portugal-Rock N’ Rio (pro shot) 413

GUNS N ROSES-"Sex ,Drugs, And Rock N' Roll" 60m. 2002 Documentary 1297

GUNS N ROSES-Various-Wembley Stadium, Farm Aid 4 And Video Music Awards 1990 30m. - 41

GUNS N ROSES-Making Videos 1 "Dont Cry" 60m. {home video} 341

GUNS N ROSES-Making Videos 2 "November Rain" 60m. {home video} 341

GUNS N ROSES-Making Videos 4 "Estranged" 60m. {home video} 341

GUNS N ROSES-Welcome To The Videos 75m. {home video} 341

GUNS N’ ROSES – 10.02.11 145m. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - 1650

GUNS N ROSES-11.26.11 180m. Camden, NJ-Sesquehanna Bank Center- (3 DVD) 1327,1328,1329

HARD AND HEAVY-100m. # 18 Nirvana, White Zombie, And Megadeath {home video} 583

HOLLYWOOD WILD IN THE STREETS-Carmen Electra, Tori Spelling, Cameron Diaz ETC. 65m.{home video} 412

HOWARD STERN-"Butt Bongo Fiesta" 70m. {home video} 583

HYPER CRUSH – Compilation 1 – 120m. Live @ Silk And Music Video Compilation – 1612

HYPER CRUSH – Compilation 2 – 120m. Live in St. Louis, CO and CA – 1618

ILL NINO-03.30.01 45m. South Amboy,NJ 585, 1264, H

ILL NINO-08.28.01 40m. New York City, NY 1142, 1264

ILL NINO-11.15.01 30m. Lime Light,NY 585, 1264, H

ILL NINO-08.16.02 35m. Cincinatti, OH -1264

INSANE CLOWN POSSE-65m. "Shockumentary" Videos And Backstage {home video} 305

INSANE CLOWN POSSE-100m. "Big Money Husslers" {home video} 380

JACKASS-Haggard Starring Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, JennRivell, Don Vito, And Rake Yohn 155m. 2003  1315

JACKASS-Big Brother Skateboarding Video #1 "Boob" 50m. w/ The People From Jackass 1135

JACKASS-Big Brother Skateboarding Video #2 "Number 2" 50m. w/ The People From Jackass 1135

JACKASS-Steve O "Career Ending Footage" 20m. {home video}1136

JACKASS-Steve O "Dont Try This At Home Volume #2" "The Tour" 60m. {DVD Master}1136

JACKASS-Season #1 180m. {Taped Off MTV With No Commercials}1135

JACKASS-Season #2 180m. {Taped Off MTV With No Commercials} 1135

JACKASS-Season #3 210m. {Taped Off MTV With No Commercials} 1136

JACKASS-10.27.02 30m. Los Angeles,CA-MTV Cribs 1175

JACKASS-Volume # 2 80m. 2001 {home video} 1129

JAMIROQUAI-"Deeper Underground" 20m. CD And Video {home video} 386

JANET JACKSON-Live On The Velvet Rope Tour 135m. 1997 333

JARS OF CLAY-08.27.02 95m. Conditions Theatre {home video} 428

JASON MRAZ – 09.08.02 45m. Boulder, CO – The Gorge – 1559

JASON MRAZ – 07.27.06 55m. Space, Korea - 1559

JASON MRAZ – 03.08.09 50m. Jakarta, Indonesia – 1559

JERRY CANTRELL-06.19.98 80m. New York City, NY-Bowery Ballroom-1505

JENNIFER LOPEZ-2003 30m. The Fabulous Life Of Jennifer Lopez-VH-1 Special  55

JEWEL-A Life In Common 60m. Live,Videos,And Interviews {home video} 424

JERKY BOYS-40m. "Dont Hang Up Tough Guy" {home video}353

JIM CROCE-06.16.74 25m. Los Angeles,CA 1085

JUVENILE-2002 60m. Live In St. Louis,MO {proshot}{home video} 417

Kittie – “Spit In Your Eye” Home Video - 393

KORN-09.26.98 60m. 1 Philadelphia, PA - First Union Spectrum 184

KYLIE MINOGUE – 02.03.11 95m. London, England- OZ Arena – 1569

LADY GAGA – 07.01.10 125m. Boston, MA – TD Bank – 1548

LADY GAGA – 03.25.11 100m. Las Vegas, NV – MGM Grand – 1563

LADY GAGA -05.15.11 65m. London, England - 1656

LAURYN HILL-05.17.00 120m. New York City,NY-Unplugged {proshot}{home video} 352

LENNY KRAVITZ-Video Retrospective Videos And Live 05.11.91 55m. {home video} 386

LENNY KRAVITZ-Alive From Planet Earth Live And Interviews 90m. {home video} 386

LILITH FAIR-07.25.97 90m. New York City,NY-Central Park {home video} 424

LINKIN PARK-11.10.00 30m. 4 New York City,NY-Roseland Ballroom 152

LINKIN PARK-11.11.00 35m. 2 Westminster, CA 698, 1204

LINKIN PARK-01.11.01 40m. London, England-Kings College  12

LINKIN PARK-01.30.01 25m. 2 San Francisco,CA 1168, K

LINKIN PARK-04.27.01 25m. 3 Miami,FL 1168, K

LINKIN PARK-09.16.01 25m. Manchester, England-Docklands Arena (Pro shot) 12

LINKIN PARK-10.13.01 50m. St. Paul, MN-X Cell Center 829

LINKIN PARK-12.08.01 50m. Universal City, CA-Universal Ampitheater 901

LINKIN PARK-12.09.01 55m. Universal City, CA-Universal Ampitheater 902

LINKIN PARK-03.26.03 30m. Detroit,MI-State Theatre-MTV 2 Dollar Bill Special 1051

LINKIN PARK-07.05.03 65m. Toronto, Canada-Toronto Skydome  831

LINKIN PARK-08.23.03 70m. Reading, England-Reading Festival  830

LINKIN PARK-10.24.03 70m. Tokyo, Japan-Nihon Buddokan  820

LINKIN PARK-01.18.04 85m. Uniondale, NY-Nassau Coliseum 908

LINKIN PARK-01.24.04 90m. Toronto, Canada-Air Canada Center  817 LINKIN PARK – 04.07.11 100m. London, England – The Roadhouse – 1515

LINKIN PARK-06.06.08 95m. Lisbon, Portugal-Rock In Rio 1241, 1366

LINKIN PARK-06.29.08 90m. Buckinhamshire, England-Milton Keyes Arena - 7822

LINKIN PARK-"Frat Party At The Pankake Festival" 60m. Concert And Backstage {home video} 344

LINKIN PARK-10.20.10 100m. Berlin, Germany-1394

LINKIN PARK-02.01.11 90m. Boston, MA-TD Bank (2 DVD)-1338

LOWER-08.28.98 50m. 2 Houston, TX-Zeldas 791

LUKES PEEP SHOW-Volume One 100m. {XXX} Spring break Videos {home video} 360

LUKES PEEP SHOW-Volume Two 130m. {XXX} Spring Break Videos {home video} 360

LUKES PEEP SHOW-Volume Three 120m. {XXX} Spring Break Videos {home video} 360

LUKES PEEP SHOW-The Best Of Lukes Freak Show Volumes 1-6 70m. 2002 {home video} 360

MAD SEASON-60m. Live At The Moore Theatre {proshot} {home video} 342

MADONNA-Video Collection 93:99 76m. {home video} 338

MANA-12.09.99 90m. New York City,NY-MTV Unplugged {home video} 352

MANSUN-10.23.98 90m. London, England-Brixton Academy (w/ artwork) 398

MARIAH CAREY-1991 45m. "The First Vision" Music Videos 583 MAROON 5-05.13.05 80m. Santa Barbara, CA-Santa Barbara Bowl - 5050

MAROON 5-05.13.05 50m. California-Friday The 13th Tour Documentary - 5050

MAROON 5-06.23.07 80m. Tokyo, Japan (pro shot) 1225

MAROON 5-01.29.08 45m. Nashville, TN-CMT Crossroads 1244

MARS VOLTA-11.01.01 35m. Austin, TX  328

MARS VOLTA-11.08.01 20m. Tempe, AZ  328

MARS VOLTA-03.31.02 30m. Dusseldorf, Germany  328

MARS VOLTA-10.02.02 50m. Santa Barbara, CA  328

MARS VOLTA-10.03.02 45m. San Diego, CA  328

MARS VOLTA-07.09.03 85m. London, England-Electric Ballroom 966

MARS VOLTA -07.09.03 85m. London, England – Electric Ballroom - 1610

MARS VOLTA-08.29.03 50m. Biddinghuizen, Netherlands-Lowlands 964

MARS VOLTA-05.21.05 45m. Los Angeles, CA-KROQ Weenie Roast-1479

MARS VOLTA - 10.11.05 65m. Fresno, CA-Save Mart Center-1330

MARTIN LAWRENCE-Runteldat Stand Up Comedy Performance 2002 105m. (home video) 425

MARTIN LAWRENCE-"You So Crazy" 85m. {HBO home video special} 425

MATISYAHU-06.12.05 80m. Manchester, TN-557

MATISYAHU-11.06.05 85m. St. Petersburg, FL 559

MATISYAHU-06.18.06 90m. Manchester, TN-Bonaroo Festival-1463

MATISYAHU-03.11.07 80m. Sunrise, FL-Langerado Festival 558

MATISYAHU-12.06.08 120m. Louisville, KY-Headliner's-1440

MATISYAHU – 08.20.05 60m. Boulder, CO – Red Rocks - 1705

MATISYAHU – 07.20.12 45m. New York City, NY – YB Presents - 1702

FREDDY MERCURY TRIBUTE-175m. David Bowie,AnnieLennox,GNR,Metallica,Rolling Stones {home video} 411

MEAT PUPPETS-09.24.98 60m. Rimini,Italy-Velvet Slego{proshot} 990

METALLICA-11.08.86 85m. Reseda, CA-The Country Club (Jasons First Show w/ Metallica) (w/ Artwork) 516

METALLICA-06.19.88 35m. Orchard Park, NY - Rich Stadium -981 - 1191

METALLICA-10.10.88 30m. London, England 1191

METALLICA-01.14.89 205m. San Diego,CA-Sports Arena {Binge And Purge} 9999

METALLICA-03.12.89 110m. Philadelphia, PA 262

METALLICA-08.30.89 75m. Seattle,WA-Seattle Coliseum {Binge And Purge} - 8432

METALLICA-09.28.91 85m. Tishino, Moscow 711

METALLICA-03.05.92 190m. Champaign, IL 1183

METALLICA-03.12.92 185m. Chattanooga, TN 839

METALLICA-08.08.92 25m. 2 Montreal,QC {The Famous Show Where James Hetfield Got Burned} 1191

METALLICA-02.15.93 195m. Amhearst, MA 1131

METALLICA-06.05.94 130m. Wantagh, NY 1183

METALLICA-11.20.94 90m. 1 San Francisco, CA-Head Bangers Ball MTV 1183

METALLICA-12.19.96 130m. Fresno, CA 839

METALLICA-12.21.96 130m. Los Angeles, CA 1131

METALLICA-04.04.97 135m. Hartford, CT 1191

Metallica – 08.23.97 105m. Stuttgart, Germany - 99999

METALLICA-11.11.97 120m. 1 Philadelphia, PA {2-cam mix}477

METALLICA-03.15.98 60m. 2 San Francisco,CA 990

METALLICA-11.23.98 100m. Philadelphia, PA-Electric Factory 710

METALLICA – 02.05.99 125m. Bogota, Colombia – Bolivar Park - 1598

METALLICA – 06.04.09 150m. Mexico City, Mexico – Foro Sol - 1629

METALLICA-07.24.99 120m. 1 woodstock 99-{proshot} 916

METALLICA-01.07.00 130m. Minneapolis, MN 1191

Metallica – 2000 Fort Worth, TX - 1194

METALLICA-06.08.03 120m. Nuerburg, Germany-Rock AM Ring Festival (pro shot) 839

METALLICA-08.14.03 60m. VH-1 Ultimate Albums-The Black Album  55

METALLICA-20m. 2 of 1 1989 Videos {home video}311

METALLICA-230m. "S&M" San Francisco,CA {proshot} {home video} 388

METALLICA-30m. "S&M Behind The Scenes" {home video} 388

METALLICA-100m. "A Year And A Half In The Life Of" Volume One {home video} 426

METALLICA-140m. "A Year And A Half In The Life Of" Volume Two {home video} 426

METALLICA-90m. "Cliff Em All" Various From 83-86 {home video} 426

METALLICA-05.09.97 140m. "Cunning Stunts" Fort Worth,TX {proshot}{home video} 388

METALLICA-06.04.04 140m. Lisbon, Portugal (pro shot) 709

MISSY ELLIOT-2003 60m. Vh-1 Driven Biography  55

MOTLEY CRUE-12.01.93 40m. Studio Rehersals  47

MOTLEY CRUE-01.24.99 45m. VH-1 Behind The Music 1106

MOTLEY CRUE-00.00.00 5HR. Compilation Of Live,Interviews,And Backstage 21

MUSE-09.05.09 60m. Tegnmouth, United Kingdom-The Den-1400

MUSE-06.26.10 105m. Pilton, England-Worthy Farm (pro shot)-1434

MUSE-12.14.10 100m. Melbourne, Australia-Rod LAver Arena-1425

NINE INCH NAILS-Closure 3HRS.-2 Videos Of Concerts,Interviews And Appearences {home video} 390

NINE INCH NAILS-" And All That Could Have Been" 120m. Concert Footage 2001 {home video} 390

NO DOUBT-05.12.00 50m. Osaka, Japan 1267

NO DOUBT-06.27.02 120m. London, England-Brixton Academy-Includes An MTV Special From 2002 (w/ Artwork) 370

NO DOUBT-95m. 1997 Anaheim,CA {proshot}{home video} 353

NORAH JONES-02.17.04 25m. Toronto, Canada-AM-CTV-1424

OZZ FEST-10.25.96 60m. Phoenix, AZ-Desert Sky Pavilion 411

PABLO FRANCISCO-03.28.03 30m. New York City,NY-Comedy Central Presents 1051

PEARL JAM-01.01.91 120m. Epic Records Promotions 603

PEARL JAM-02.11.91 75m. Hollywood, CA 606

PEARL JAM-08.23.91 50m. Seattle,WA-Mural Ampitheatre-(close,low gen.) 1111, 607

PEARL JAM-11.09.91 60m. Rockville, MD 593

PEARL JAM-12.31.91 80m. San Francisco, CA 254

PEARL JAM-04.10.92 75m. Philadelphia, PA 599

PEARL JAM-08.22.92 45m. Sunrise, FL 254 , 791

Pearl Jam – “Live at the Garden” Part I - 1315

PEARL JAM-60m. "Single Video Theory" Yield Making {home video} 342

PEARL JAM-55m. Guitar Method {home video} 342

PEARL JAM-Touring Band 120m. Phoenix AZ 2001 {home video} 342

PINK-11.03.06 70m. Zwel, Switzerland AVO Session 1268

PLACEBO-09.20.01 25m. rock German Television-Live Music And Interviews (w/ Artwork) 294

PLACEBO-10.19.01 120m. London, England-Brixton Academy (w/ Artwork) 294

PLACEBO-10.20.01 25m. Fast Forward Television Interview (w/ Artwork) 294

P.O.D.-11.04.03 55m. Cologne, Germany (pro shot)  67

PORTISHEAD-07.24.98 95m. NY-Roseland Ballroom {proshot}{home video} 405

POWERMAN 5000-06.13.98 45m. 3 Hollywood, CA - Whisky (Proshot Rob Zombie At End)  1143

PRODIGY-"Electronic Punks" Live,Videos,And Backstage 100m. 276

PUSSYCAT DOLLS-08.15.08 25m. Malaga, Spain-Casta Del Sol-1510

PUSSYCAT DOLLS-01.19.09 95m. Glasgow, Scotland-Acottish Centre (pro)-1473

RADIOHEAD-05.27.94 70m. London, England-The Astoria {proshot}297

RADIOHEAD-05.12.95 90m. La Luna, Brussels 466

RADIOHEAD-04.18.96 75m. Chicago, IL w/ Extra Footage (pro shot)(w/ Artwork) 320

RADIOHEAD-06.05.97 60m. Chicago, Illinois-The Metro {proshot}307

RADIOHEAD-12.19.97 100m. Promo Video Special & MTV10 Spot Concert {proshot} 529

RADIOHEAD-08.24.97 100m. Philadelphia, PA-Electric Factory 487

RADIOHEAD-06.13.98 45m. San Francisco, CA- Tibetan Freedom Concert{proshot} 698

RADIOHEAD-09.05.98 105m. Seattle,Washington 437

RADIOHEAD-12.23.99 90m. Interview & Live Comp. From Kid A Tour {proshot} 280

RADIOHEAD-04.23.01 90m. Paris,France-MTV 2 {proshot} 541

RADIOHEAD-04.28.01 50m. Paris, France (pro shot) 296

RADIOHEAD – 05.30.01 125m. Verona, Italy – 1545

RADIOHEAD – 07.12.03 100m. Ferrara, Italy – Piazza Castello – 1543

RADIOHEAD – 04.18.04 115m. Tokyo, Japan - 1632

RADIOHEAD – 06.24.08 125m. London, England – Victoria Park – 1531

RADIOHEAD-06.01.01 120m. Nurburgring, Germany-Rock Am Ring 1067

RADIOHEAD-06.09.01 60m. Jools, Holland (pro shot) 296

RADIOHEAD-95m. "Meeting People Is Easy"-Concert And Interview {home video} 384

RADIOHEAD-35m. "Seven Television Commercials" (all videos){home video} 384

RAMMSTEIN-07.22.98 100m. Berlin,Germany {proshot}{home video} 344

RAMMSTEIN-09.23.98 50m.  Worcester, MA 201

RAMMSTEIN-02.04.05 100m. London, England 270

RAMMSTEIN-02.24.05 40m. Milan, Italty 968

RAMMSTEIN-02.25.05 50m. Milan, Italy 968

RAMMSTEIN – 12.11.11 120m. Prague, Czech Republic – 1533

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS-11.22.86 30m. Austin, TX  30, D

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS-70m. "Off The Map" 2000 Tour Footage {home video} 354

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS-40m. Live in 1990 {proshot} {home video} 354

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS-60m. "What Hits" Videos and live 97 {home video} 354

R.E.M.-08.28.01 30m. M New York City,NY-Unplugged 201

R.E.M.-This Film Is On 60m. Contains Videos 1991 {home video} 338

R.E.M.-Parallel 60m. Contains Videos 1995 {home video} 338

R.E.M.-Tour Film 85m. Contains Concert Footage 1990 {home video} 338

R.E.M.-Pop Screen 35m. Videos Only {home video} 338

RICKY MARTIN-One Night Only Live {proshot}-Livin La Vida Loca Tour 45m 1999- 428

RIHANNA-12.06.07 80m. Manchester, England-Manchester Arena-1487 RIHANNA-09.23.11 85m. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil-Rock In Rio-1495

ROBBIE WILLIAMS-10.21.01 120m. London, England-Royal Albert Hall {proshot}{home video} 422

RUFF RYDERS-Documentary Vol.1 90m. 2001 {Eve,DMX,The Lox} 417

SADE-Life, Promise, Pride, Love Collection Of Music Videos 70m. 1993 (home video) 333

SALIVA-05.05.01 40m. Miami,FL 1217, C

SANTANA-10.20.02 60m. A And E Biography 1175

SANTANA-90m. "An Evening With Santana And Friends" {proshot} {home video} 421

SARAH MCLACHLAN-Mirror Ball 95m. Live concert {proshot} 424

SEETHER-05.15.08 75m. New York City, NY-Nokia Theater-1414

SHAKIRA-08.12.99 75m. New York City,NY-Unplugged {proshot}{home video} 352

SHAKIRA-12.02.99 90m. Santiago,Chile-TV Special 496

SHAKIRA-10.21.02 120m. Las Vegas,NV-Divas Live 1175

SHAKIRA-01.25.03 100m. Las Vegas, NV 799

SHAKIRA – 06.12.11 100m. Paris, France – 1566

SHAKIRA – 08.08.11 45m. Kyiv, Ukraine – 1566

SHERYL CROW-Rocking The Globe Live 83m. 1999 424

SHOCKING ASIA-120m. 1999 An Unbelievable Journey Into A Mad, Sin Filled World 1051

SILVERCHAIR-01.21.01 70m. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil-Rock In Rio-1477

SKATEBOARDING-2000 120m. Skateboarding Tricks, Tips, And Flips 1051

SKATEBOARDING-2000 120m. Breaks, Bumps, And Bruses 1051

SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE-06.16.74 15m. Los Angeles,CA 1085

SNOOP DOGGY DOGG-Hustlaz....Diary Of A Pimp 130m. Larry Flynt Production Rated X 2002  1312

SOCIETY ONE-50 minutes Home Video Concert And Back stage {home video} 1312

SOUNDGARDEN-50m. "Louder Than Live"-Whisky Hollywood,CA-And Videos {home video} 362

SOUNDGARDEN-60m. "Motor Vision" 3/5/92 Seattle, WA {proshot}{home video} 362

SPICE GIRLS-1997 50m. Biography "Girl Power" {home video} 425

SPICE GIRLS-05.21.97 90m. Live In Istanbul And Interviews {home video} 425

SPONGE-03.02.95 50m. San Francisco,CA 1141

SPONGE-04.28.95 65m. Recording In Bob's Garage 1151

SPONGE-05.16.95 75m. New York City,NY 1141

SPONGE-09.24.95 75m. Chicago,IL-Much Music Special version #1 1141, 1151

SPONGE-09.24.95 50m. Chicago,IL-Much Music Special version #2 1141, 1151

SPONGE-09.24.95 40m. Chicago,IL-Much Music Special Version #3 1141, 1151

SPONGE-08.27.96 10m. Japan T.V. 1141

SPONGE-05.27.97 10m. Japan T.V. 1141

SPONGE-09.05.97 50m. Grand Rapids,MI 1141

SPONGE-04.30.99 40m. Atlanta,GA-Music Midtown 1151

SPONGE-06.30.99 40m. Cleveland,OH 1151

SPONGE-10.12.01 80m. Television Compilation 1151

SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERS-1998 40m. Denver,CO-Ogden Theatre {home video} 353

STAIND-"Tainted" Unauthorized Biography 60m. 2001 1129

STEVE MILLER-04.12.74 30m. Detroit,MI 1085

STRIFE-60 minutes One Truth Live 1996 Concert Footage And Backstage Shots {proshot} {home video} 344

STUCK MOJO-11.21.98 30m. Detroit,MI-Harpo's 1141

STUCK MOJO-08.26.00 90m. Salem,NC-Ziggy's 1141

SYSTEM OF A DOWN-03.11.00 60m. Cincinatti,OH {Same As 02.11.00 } 738

SYSTEM OF A DOWN-10.27.01 60m. Peoria,IL 738

SYSTEM OF A DOWN-06.05.11 90m. Nurburgring, Germany-Rock AM Ring (pro)-1362

SYSTEM OF A DOWN-10.02.11 115m. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (pro)-1351

TEMPLE OF THE DOG-09.13.92 15m. Los Angeles,CA 1127, J

THREE DOORS DOWN-06.05.04 50m. Nurburgring, Germany-Rock AM Ring-1432

TINA TURNER-04.12.74 10m. Detroit,MI 1085

TINA TURNER-06.16.74 35m. Los Angeles,CA 1085

TOOL-10.10.96 90m. Pomona, CA-The Glasshouse 509

TOOL-11.29.96 90m. Montreal, Canada 639

TOOL-09.23.02 125m. Fort Worth, TX 731, 1007

TORI AMOS-07.07.92 50m. Montreaux, Switzerland-1460

TORI AMOS-08.16.92 120m. West Palm Beach, FL (w/ Artwork) 327

TORI AMOS-04.10.96 105m. Gainsville,FL 448

TORI AMOS-04.13.96 100m. Orlando,FL 286

TORI AMOS-05.11.96 120m. New Haven,CT 1205

TORI AMOS-06.13.96 105m. Kansas City,MO 1205

TORI AMOS-09.10.96 100m. Poughkeepsie, NY (w/ Artwork) 459

TORI AMOS-1996 30m. Much Music Spotlight (w/ Artwork) 459

TORI AMOS-05.03.98 110m. Seattle,WA 1205

TORI AMOS-08.05.98 120m. Albany,NY-Plus Promos And News Specials 1205

TORI AMOS-09.04.03 180m. West Palm Beach, FL-Sound AdvcieAmpitheater  1296

TWIZTID-50m. Beyond The Freak Show Concert And Backstage {home video}364, 1197

TWO LIVE CREW-05.18.96 40m. 2 Houston, TX 661

UNWRITTEN LAW-10.25.02 60m. Yellowstone National Park {proshot} 1175

VANILLA ICE-03.02.91 85m.  Miami, FL 184

VANILLA ICE-07.04.92 75m. Izmir, Turkey-Cesme Festival-1480

VERUCA SALT-07.30.97 45m. Philadelphia,PA 1217, C

WHITE STRIPES-2001 65m. United Kingdom TV Appearances Compilation (w/ Artwork) 442

WHITE STRIPES-08.16.01 60m. New York City, NY-Pier 54  504

WHITE STRIPES-09.14.01 60m. Houston, TX-Rudyards  504

WHITE STRIPES-06.01.02 70m. Pomona, CA – The Forum (w/ Artwork) 355, 464

WHITE STRIPES-09.02.02 25m. Viva German Television Special (w/ artwork) 506

WHITE STRIPES-10.12.02 10m. New York City, NY-SNL  504

WHITE STRIPES-11.04.03 80m. London, England-Brixton Academy (w/ artwork) 506

WHITE STRIPES-11.05.05 90m. London, England 1138

WHITE STRIPES-06.24.05 75m. Pilton, England-Glastonbury Festival (pro shot)-1403

WHITE STRIPES-06.17.07 80m. Manchester, TN-Bonnaroo Festival (pro shot)-1419

WHITE ZOMBIE-12.10.93 75m. Hollywood, CA-Hollywood Palladium (w/ Artwork) 283

WOODSTOCK 94-165m. RHCP,NIN,CypressHill,Primus, Metallica,Live,Aerosmith, Candlebox,Blind Melon{home video} 411

WOODSTOCK 99-150m. Jamiraquoi,Offspring,Korn,Bush,KidRock,LimpBizkit,ICP, Brian Setzer,Jewel {home video} 357

WYCLEAF JEAN-10.23.02 30m. Cleveland,OH-Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 1175